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UniMaster is designed to create interactive video lessons and webinars that can be shared with students worldwide.

It operates on any modern device with any operating system and requires no special knowledge to use.

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     - Sort created lessons by discipline or rating

     - Choose the one you like and start watching  


Create your own lesson and share it with students. Select a topic and category, set online or offline access, and set your price per view. Your lesson will be appreciated!

UniMaster provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating lessons:

You can:

     - Draw "by hand", with various colors and chalk sizes

     - Choose a background image

     - Add photos, videos, or any saved images

     - Type and edit the text anytime

     - Accompany all actions with sound, recording of your voice for students to hear in the recording or live


Webinars are among the most popular methods of modern education. We've created a unique system for hosting and saving webinars.

Choose the time and subject, invite students and colleagues, and discuss interesting topics online. With UniMaster, it's as easy as gathering in one audience, but even more efficient!

Field of science

Initially, UniMaster was developed as a distance learning program with the goal of providing students with education of the same quality as in a physical classroom. However, the program's functionality has since expanded to the extent that UniMaster can now be utilized for any form of training or information exchange.


You can search for lessons and workshops on any topic that interests you, selecting the best ones using the feedback and ratings system based on the opinions of other users. You can also create a list of your favorite teachers and negotiate with them for individual lessons that will be recorded and available for viewing countless times.

Type of game

UniMaster is a cross-platform interactive board that integrates all the essential functions for communication. It's designed not only for meetings but also for document processing and creation, problem-solving, and teamwork involving various sources.