Bristar is an art studio dedicated to the development of children's educational games. So far we have created over 20 education games covering different subjects and age groups.

Our employees include professional artists, programmers and game writers, experienced in game design. We care about children and their education, and strive to create an interesting, pleasant and effective means of encouraging and aiding their pursuit of knowledge.

Many of our employees are parents themselves, so we know what is needed for children and how they can be interested.

We want education to be interesting and accessible and meet the requirements of modern society.

Play and study together!"


"Geneza" - is a well-known publishing house in Ukraine. It's activities began in 1992. Throughout the history of the existence of "Geneza" is an innovator in publishing. The goal is to publish a new generation of high-quality educational and methodological literature. Professional editors and artists together with well-known authors create textbooks and manuals for schoolchildren who have the appropriate stamps of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

"Geneza" won recognition and reputation by combining the traditions and the modernity of publications, originality, quality polygraphy.

The creation of textbooks is an art, so we want all students, teachers and their parents to receive both a benefit and a pleasure from our literature.

PlayUA is a Ukrainian entertaining online edition of computer and video games, film industry and technology in general. The PlayUA editorial has no vertical division of responsibilities and narrow profile specialists.

  • In their professional activities, journalists, reviewers and other PlayUA employees adhere to the principles of total subjectivity during coverage of events and phenomena of the Ukrainian and world-wide players in the film industry.
  • The biggest part of the portal's activities is aimed at advocating the acquisition of licensed game copies and the formation of a gaming community.
  • The main goal of the activity is to become the mouthpiece of Ukrainian and world gaming.

E-schools.info provides education institutions of Ukraine with the opportunity to take a confident step forward by using a modern electronic journal and journal service.

The e-schools.info service is designed to process and provide electronically convenient information on student performance and related information available online.

The main conceptual principles of pedagogical technology "Rostock" are such directions of development of modern education as humanization, greening and integration of educational process, its development orientation on the basis of activity approach.