Panda School

Interactive ABC learning game


Welcome to Panda's School, where learning is fun! Our fluffy teacher will guide you through the alphabet, introducing letters, sounds, and writing rules. Each letter in the alphabet is interactive, allowing you to choose where to begin. Panda will show you the order and direction for drawing each letter and how to write it correctly.

This colorful adventure and engaging online training with our friendly furry teacher will help children master new skills with joy. At the start of each lesson, the pronunciation of each letter is taught, and at the end, players create whole words illustrated with 3D drawings. Lessons can be repeated as many times as needed.


Field of science

The game is designed to simplify the learning of alphabets in various languages. It's suitable for young children learning their native language and for students beginning to study a foreign one. The game teaches children to write letters and pronounce sounds associated with them.

You can learn four alphabets with Panda: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Japanese.


- Fine motor skills: The game focuses on accurately drawing letters of various shapes and complexities.

- Memory: The game engages multiple types of memory, including motor, auditory, and visual memory.

- Initial writing skills.

- Vocabulary development.

Type of game

The game follows the educational model of "see, repeat, understand."

Its vibrant style captivates children, and the enjoyable learning process fosters the important association that learning is a pleasure.