Know Where

An interactive geography simulator game.


Did you know that Antarctica has a population of over 1000 people? It's the second largest area in the world, yet it's not an administrative unit and lacks statehood symbols like a flag.

The game "I KNOW WHERE" offers an opportunity to explore countries' positions on the map, their capitals, flags, and interesting population data.

Field of science

This game aids in acquiring or solidifying geography knowledge.

It features several modes:

- "Research" mode for studying countries, capitals, and flags.

- "Countries" mode to locate a given country on the continent.

- "Capitals" mode to match countries with their capitals.

- "Flags" mode to identify countries on the map by their flags.


Besides geography, the game hones memory, logical thinking, and encourages independent learning.

Type of game

"I KNOW WHERE" is a blend of an interactive encyclopedia and globe. It includes an evaluation module and functions online or offline.