Heroes of Math and Magic

Educational games for 3rd grade


Chaos has come to the country of Mathmagic. Valleys are swarming with monsters, and gorges are full of bandit hideouts. Guide your hero into a fight with evil, armed with spellbook and arithmetic skills. Solve tasks and rain wrath of math elements upon your enemies. Collect magic artifacts to increase your combat abilities.

Master the power of arithmetic operations, free the country from invaders and prepare for the ultimate challenge - duel of wits with mighty Dragon.

Field of science

"Heroes of Math and Magic" cowers basic arithmetic skills, including arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with up to four one- two- or three-digit numbers.


This game trains players to perform arithmetic operations quickly, fostering quick thinking and mental agility.

It's beneficial for both children learning math and adults looking to sharpen their minds. Increasing challenges keep players engaged and on their toes.


Type of game

"Heroes of Math and Magic" is a role-playing game with turn-based combat, where battle actions are performed by solving arithmetic tasks. The complexity of the task determines the damage inflicted or blocked by characters. Spells range from simple addition to combinations of all four basic operations.

Throughout the game, players can find or purchase various artifacts to enhance their health, spell power, or spellcasting time limit. While these bonuses are optional, they can adjust the game's difficulty level to suit individual preferences.