Flag Rush

Help airport staff learn the flags of the world's countries.


Hello! The countries of the world welcome you. They are so diverse - some are cold and some are hot, ancient and quite young, located in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the American continent... But they have something in common: they all have their own flags. FlagRace invites you to guess which flag belongs to which country. At first, if you don't know, just guess - and later you will remember the correct options and will easily recognize the country by its flag. Note that it's very fun to play this game with friends and organize competitions!

Field of science

The game offers to memorize the flags of the world's countries by selecting the correct option from multiple choices. The more you play, the better you remember, and the competitive element only reinforces this skill.


Recognizing countries by their flags, knowing which flag belongs to which country.

Type of game


A quiz game built on the classic principle of "choose the correct option."