Element Rush

Interactive chemistry test


In order to embark on the journey of chemistry, one must first grasp the fundamentals—the principles of the periodic table. Step into our Chemistry Lab, where the Professor will introduce you to these basic concepts and delve into the history and principles behind the periodic table. Throughout the lecture, you'll need to answer questions to showcase your understanding of the material.

Following the theoretical foundation, you'll have the chance to put your knowledge of the periodic table into practice. Your task is to locate named elements within the table within a specified time. Additionally, the game features a comprehensive list of elements complete with descriptions of their properties and interesting facts about their use.

Field of science

Element Rush focuses on covering Mendeleev's Periodic Law and is suitable for both chemistry beginners and higher school students.

It can be utilized to supplement courses or implemented in schools alongside teacher-led lessons.


Element Rush makes learning chemistry engaging and enjoyable! Just 15 minutes of gameplay can significantly enhance your understanding of Mendeleev's Table.

The game supports multiplayer, so you can challenge your friends to join in the fun.

Type of game

The game's content mirrors the school curriculum and has been developed in collaboration with chemistry teachers, making it an ideal tool for classroom use.

It aids in evaluating students' memory retention and academic progress in the subject.