Captain Vector's Treasures

Yo ho ho! Let's get a ship and find all the treasures!


Yo-ho-ho! Old Captain Vector is seeking additions to his crew! Are you ready to embark on a journey toward riches and glory?

Under the guidance of this seasoned sea dog, you'll learn to navigate the seas of vectors. Eventually, you'll take the helm and become captain yourself. Together with your crew, you'll brave the enchanted sea, navigating treacherous currents, avoiding whirlpools, and battling sea monsters.

Field of science

The game is created in order to explain to the player what vector is and how to add them correctly.


- Strategic planning: The easiest route may not always be the best.

- Responsibility: Every action has consequences, so understanding your decisions is crucial.

- Resource management: Balancing treasure hunting with food supplies for the crew is essential.

Type of game

Combining elements of a physical puzzle and a colorful adventure story, this game keeps players engaged while teaching a challenging topic in an entertaining way.